Yafai Enterprise has experience in the auction space and has enabled some of the top tier MVNO’s auction off their products.

      With advancements in technology and the streamlining of digital channels, Yafai Enterprise seized the opportunity to provide carrier partners with a straightforward yet robust method to auction their products. Yafai Enterprise Remarketing As a Service (RaaS) is one of our in-house solutions, offering a white-label platform to every auction owner.


     This allows for effective listing of auctions, managing bids and declaring winners. What used to take hours and days now takes a few clicks. With real-time visibility to revenue, device, bidder and grade performance partners can now take good and quick decision on how to position their goods.

Why should you consider our auction services?
  • Equitable access for businesses of all sizes.
  • Increased buyer participation: Online auctions attract a larger audience due to reduced conflicts, geographical barriers, and individual item marketing.

  • Global reach: Online auctions connect sellers with buyers worldwide, ensuring every Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) offering finds its ideal buyer.

  • Convenience: Buyers can bid at their convenience, anytime and anywhere, even on multiple auctions simultaneously. Time-restricted auctions ensure equal opportunities for all participants.

  • Extended bidding windows: Flexible online bidding periods maximize bidder participation, leading to higher product prices.

  • Cost-effective: Items are auctioned and fulfilled from existing locations, eliminating the need for costly product transfers between warehouses. Direct shipping to customers further reduces expenses.

  • Reduced onsite activity: Appointment-based pick-ups minimize onsite interactions, streamlining the process for bidders.

  • Real-time insights: Management dashboards provide real-time visibility into product movement and pricing trends, enabling informed decision-making.

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