Stock Management

Learn about our integrated solutions for the management of stock of full products, boards or spare parts.

Product stock management

Yafai Enterprise efficiently manages its entire product inventory in its warehouses, including exchange stock, loan stock, complete products, main boards, accessories, and more. For each stock type, Yafai Enterprise oversees the complete product lifecycle, from kitting and order preparation to restocking after repair or buy-back. This includes functional testing, data wiping, refurbishment, and recycling.

Part distribution

Yafai Enterprise manages and distributes spare parts to your after-sales and supply chain partners. Your accredited partners can easily order parts from Yafai Enterprise by requesting our in house inventory excel sheet or by requesting specific parts for future fulfillment.


Yafai Enterprise also controls the collection of defective parts, as necessary, which includes the testing and refurbishment of high-value parts (main boards, LCD screens, etc.), which then are sent to the downstream vendor if they are not usable for responsible recycling.

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