Optimise the value of your device returns with our specialist 

refurbishment services, which come with secure data wipe and 

original parts.

Digitalise your Customer Care

Yafai Enterprise sources OEM parts through its extensive network of registered vendors to provide device refurbishment services using certified original parts. These high-quality refurbishment services ensure that your products meet the highest standards. Refurbished devices can then be utilized to replenish your various stock inventories:


  • Swap pool stock (for exchanges)
  • Second-hand stock (for resale)

Data wipe

Yafai Enterprise takes part in automated device diagnostics solution for smartphones and tablets operating Android or iOS. The solution is based on a collaboration with PhoneCheck technology. PhoneCheck’s diagnostic tools can be used to automate both inbound (triage) and outbound (QC) testing operations. Among the prime benefits of automating test procedures are significant improvements in the speed, accuracy and repeatability of test results.

These tools, which were initially designed and developed for the internal needs of our repair centres, are now available to integrate into your own processes. This allows you to achieve diagnostics and repair avoidance benefits.

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