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The repair of electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies is deeply rooted into the company’s culture.

Long-standing Expertise

The repair of electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies is a core value-added process at Yafai Enterprise. With seven years of experience in the electronic service industry, the company has developed substantial expertise, supported by proven methods, robust processes, and a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.


Yafai Enterprise’s electronic workshop is equipped with industry-leading instruments, tools, and technical resources, ensuring the highest probability of successful repairs.


Although Yafai Enterprise is not R2 certified, Yafai Enterprise is steadfast in its commitment to uphold the standards outlined in R2v3, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 14001:2015. 


We pledge to sustain conformity with the requirements of our Quality, Environmental, Health, and Safety (QEH&S) management system and its scope. Our operational focus at Yafai Enterprise is to enact positive environmental impacts through responsible recycling practices, emphasizing the conservation of metals, plastics, and other finite resources. 


Aligned with our core operations, Yafai Enterprise aims to achieve our business objectives while surpassing expectations for environmental, health and safety, and data security regulations. This commitment extends to our management, employees, customers, suppliers, and regulatory bodies, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed their expectations.

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