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Empowering wholesale success is our singular mission at Yafai Enterprise. We are dedicated to providing our clients with more than just products – we offer a strategic partnership built on trust, reliability, and unparalleled support. Our commitment is to streamline the wholesaling process, enabling clients to thrive in a competitive market. Through innovative solutions and a customer-centric approach, we strive to understand and exceed the unique needs of our wholesale partners. At Yafai Enterprise, we don’t just supply products; we fuel the success and growth of our clients, transforming their aspirations into a reality.


Agile Consumer Electronics Value Added Distributor since 2007 with regional coverage across USA, UAE, KSA, BRAZIL, & OMAN through localized subsidiaries and and a team force.

Applying consumer marketing business model focused on Direct-to-Customer distribution model.

Value Added partner Managing end-to-end Product Life Cycle, channel development and retail execution in line with brands Go-To-Market strategy

Servicing customers across Multitude of Channel Segments: Online, Telecom Operator, Big Box Electronic Retail, Hypermarkets, Corporate VAR, Independent Retailers, and many more…

Partnering with the Best Global Brands across various product segments focusing on Mobility, IT, Audio & Gaming eco-systems

Operators & OEM

Who we are

Yafai Enterprise is a domestic and international wholesaler of mobile devices and is a specialist provider of repair and refurbishment services in the USA for smartphones and consumer electronic devices.


Embarking on a wholesale journey is not merely a transaction; it is a profound partnership that transcends the exchange of goods. It’s a dynamic interaction where trust is the currency, and relationships are forged in the crucible of mutual understanding. In the wholesale realm, every negotiation is a symphony of collaboration, where suppliers and buyers harmonize to create a crescendo of success. This experience isn’t just about products changing hands; it’s about the transformational power of strategic alliances, driving businesses towards unprecedented heights. 


Our dedicated team ensures unmatched customer service, addressing your needs with care and efficiency. Experience exceptional support and lasting relationships. Choose Yafai Enterprise for a joyful journey. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our core business places us at the heart of environmental engagement. As a leader in processing defective products and wholesale distribution, we work in partnership with OEMs to treat and recycle faulty boards and components.

In repairing and refurbishing electronic devices, Yafai Enterprise extends the lifecycle of use of these products. This approach forms part of a global framework to promote the sustainable development of our economies, by optimising the use and lifespan of consumer goods.

Products that are not repairable are processed through waste recovery and repurposing supply chains as per applicable standards. Yafai Enterprise abides by ISO-14001:2015 practices and has environmental management programs in place, with year-on-year targets to reduce the environmental impact of its activities.

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Our Values

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