Logistics Management

Value-added logistical solutions, tailored for your needs and designed to optimise turnaround times and customer experience.

Dedicated logistics solutions

Yafai Enterprise can help set up optimised logistical processes that meet the needs of your customers and products. Our partnerships with all the major US and global courier companies enable us to manage national and international collections and deliveries:

  • Maritime Transport
  • Ground Transportation
  • Air Transportation
  • Rail Transportation
  • at PUDO points (pick-up/drop-off).

Innovative services

Yafai Enterprise has designed and developed innovative services which add value to the courier service for the benefit and delight of your customers.

We offer packaging designed to safeguard your devices during shipment. These can be utilized for outbound deliveries from the repair center and sent to customers or PUDO points to ensure the secure inbound transportation of devices to the repair center.

Yafai Enterprise has also developed tools to generate and issue electronic AWB (air waybills) that can be sent by email to customers to facilitate the inbound transportation of devices.

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